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September 2014 – Backflow Prevention Course

In September 2014 Ben Scott attended a Backflow prevention device course at Challenger TAFE. This course allows him to now test RPZD and backflow devices.

November 2014 – TAFE Block

Jadd our first year apprentice who we took on last year. He has come a long way from not knowing anything, to being able to help anyone out on site with his skills. In November, he will be completed a 2 week block of TAFE top up his skills in the field of Plumbing.

July 2015 – GPS Tracking

Commercial Plumbing are stiving as a company to be safer on our roads. Very shortly we will be installing GPS tracking on all our cars. This information will be able to help us not only track where our cars are at any one time, but also give us great insight into how good / bad the driver is. This technology can tell us if the driver is breaking too hard, speeding and turning corners to rapidly. With this new technology, we will be able to provide a safer and more efficent service.

September 2015 – TAFE Block

Jed Palmer is currently in his 1st year of training as a plumber with Commercial Plumbing Co. We will be moving him into his 2nd year of the apprenticeship very shortly.

October 2015 – TAFE Block

Jadd Van Nellestyn is currently in his 2nd years of training as a plumber with Commercial Plumbing Co. This October, he will be starting his 3rd year in training. Best of luck.

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“Commercial Plumbing Co have worked with Cooper and Oxley Builders for the past 15 to 20years with great reward. We have produced many projects together, currently working on the Baldivis School Stage 2. We have found all aspects of the company to be professional, the employees have a high standard of work . We look forward to many more projects with Commercial Plumbing Co in the future”

Adrian Hacket, Cooper and Oxley

Currently working on the Super A-mart distribution centre at Jandakot Airport together, we have found Commercial Plumbing to be a professional contractor who display excellent degrees of workmanship, safety standards and meet all our tight timeframes while providing essential services to urgent changes or issues which arise. The company has a great understanding of the works of hydraulics and commercial drainage.

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