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Program Maintenance


Commercial Plumbing Co have had the privilege of assisting many large companies with their commercial / industrial maintenance need’s.


Over the year, we have been actively assisting companies such as: Coco Cola Amity, Viterra grain facilities, Toyota Motor Corporation and many more. Commercial Plumbing Co is committed to delivering a safe and efficient service to all its customers.


It is our goal to expand our maintenance division over the next two years with an estimated investments of $200,000 for more advanced equipment and extra specifically qualified staff.

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“Commercial Plumbing Co have worked with Cooper and Oxley Builders for the past 15 to 20years with great reward. We have produced many projects together, currently working on the Baldivis School Stage 2. We have found all aspects of the company to be professional, the employees have a high standard of work . We look forward to many more projects with Commercial Plumbing Co in the future”

Adrian Hacket, Cooper and Oxley

Currently working on the Super A-mart distribution centre at Jandakot Airport together, we have found Commercial Plumbing to be a professional contractor who display excellent degrees of workmanship, safety standards and meet all our tight timeframes while providing essential services to urgent changes or issues which arise. The company has a great understanding of the works of hydraulics and commercial drainage.

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